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Latest Firmware Version

Latest Firmware Version for 3G Cameras (I.C.E.™ & M.I.N.E.™): 2015/03/26-17:11:35

Both JAGER PRO™ 3G Cameras (I.C.E.™ & M.I.N.E.™) are manufactured with an S150 Module which operate using the same firmware updates. The camera Module, Hardware Version, Software Version and IMEI Number is located under the "SYSTEM" menu on the "INFORMATION" tab.

Download Firmware File Here

Directions for uploading firmware file to your SD card: Insert your SD card into your computer, wait for it to open. You can choose to format your card or save your pictures onto your computer. Click on the button above "Download Firmware File Here". Click on the "Save As" button and save it directly to your SD card. Do not change the file name from FWS100.bin, it will not load on the camera if you do. Eject your SD card and follow the directions below for uploading new firmware to the 3G (I.C.E.™ & M.I.N.E.™) Cameras.

Directions for uploading new firmware to the 3G (I.C.E.™ & M.I.N.E.™) Cameras: Copy the attached file onto a formatted SD card. (see the directions above if unsure how to attach a file to an SD card) Insert the SD Card into the camera when "OFF". Move camera selector switch from "OFF" to "SETUP" and wait until the camera connects to the cellular network. Your camera beeps 3 times when you turn it to "SETUP", on several units, it will beep an additional 3 times once it updates. Click on the "MENU" tab; toggle right twice to the "SYSTEM" menu; toggle down seven times to the "INFORMATION" tab; click "OK" to open the page. Ensure "2015/03/26-17:11:35" is displayed as the Firmware Version. If the FW does not upload, turn your camera off, press and hold the playback button (below the menu button), then switch it from "OFF" to "SETUP", you will hear the camera beep, release the playback button and check under "INFORMATION" tab as before. Check all four "MENUs" to ensure information is set up properly. Move selector switch from "SETUP" to "OFF".

Latest fixes: Transmitting has been improved.