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30 Gal Tripod Feeder with Dinner Bell

30 Gal Tripod Feeder with Dinner Bell
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Price: $190.00
Product ID : SHC-0757
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Overview: The 30-gallon Tripod Feeder with Dinner Bell™ features fast and easy assembly! No tools necessary! Simply fasten the hopper with included hardware, secure the legs, twist and lock the feeder kit with Dinner Bell™ into place and add feed. JAGER PRO Wireless Cameras and 30-gallon Tripod Feeders with Dinner Bell™ are vital to our Capture Success™ Matrix™. Every single feature has been maximized to help condition pigs to trust a bait site and then condition them to trust a corral enclosure as their daily food source. Allow technology to perform daily conditioning tasks saving fuel, time and labor.


  • New, quick-locking design easily assembles in less than 10 minutes

  • No tools necessary

  • Tapered design with 30-gallon capacity holds up to 200lbso Programmable digital timer; schedule up to 6 feedings a day

  • Customize feed dispense time between 1–20 seconds

  • Built-in feed level estimator helps manage feed, saving time and money

  • Built-in battery level monitor

  • Power port for optional external power source

  • Metal spin plate and funnel

  • Dinner bell produces a loud metallic ring when the spin plate slings corn, conditioning pigs to bait site

  • Dinner Bell™ keeps feed inside M.I.N.E.™ Trapping System within a 20-foot diameter circle

  • Dinner Bell™ operates as a built-in varmint guard

  • Operates on one 6-volt battery (not included)

  • New, square tube legs increase stability, metal feeder feet included

  • Fill height is 8 feet for the following reasons:

    1.Prevents feral pigs from reaching feeder kit and damaging components

    2.Height allows photos and videos of pigs feeding without obstructing vision of M.I.N.E.™ Gate

    3.JAGER PRO Dinner Bell™ angle was designed specifically for metal spin plate at eight feet

    4.Allows comfortable access to digital timer controls and feeder kit without bending over

    Optional Accessories:

    6V Battery

    6V Battery Charger

    6V Solar Charger

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