1. Inspect the outside of the camera body for any cracks which may cause water or moisture damage to electronics.
2. Check for condensation in both IR LED bank covers.
3. Ensure the antenna is not loose, bent, broken or cracked.
4. Wipe excess dirt from camera lens with a soft cloth and use a moist cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean.
5. Apply even pressure to camera face and main body housing when closing to ensure proper alignment of waterproof seal. 6. Ensure all three latches tightly secure camera housing.
7. Clean inside the ambient light sensor port and PIR cover.
8. Inspect the transmitter port cover for dry rot and damage.

WARNING! The transmitter plug must be removed before accessing camera functions. Opening the camera while the transmitter is plugged into the housing port may result in damage to both the camera and transmitter.

WARNING! Removing screws from internal camera ports will damage electronic components and void the warranty.