Erect six each 18-60™ panels in a circular shape around the feeder. The opening for the eight foot wide MINE™ gate should face the natural direction hogs travel to the bait site. Each panel is 16 feet long with an eight inch overlap. Posts should be driven in the center of each overlap.

The left diagram illustrates the proper order to drive posts. Place the solar charger on #23, camera on #24 and booster antenna pole on #25 outside the enclosure so these devices are not damaged when hogs are captured. Posts should be driven every four feet for maximum strength.

Ensure all T-post lugs face inward to secure the panels from lifting up. Posts should be driven in the center of each eight inch panel overlap and driven in line of a vertical support on single panels. Each post should secure the panel with at least four M.I.N.E.™ Post Clips. The diagrams below show the proper anchor points needed for maximum strength.