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Trigger Tab:

• Sensitivity- Passive Infrared (PIR) Trigger Sensitivity

 HIGH: The most sensitive setting and will trigger camera operation when any movement is detected. 
 LOW: The least sensitive setting used when foliage, wind or shadows trigger excessive photos.  
 NORMAL: Average sensitivity. (Recommended)

• Trigger Interval- The timeout period between PIR triggers for each photo or video capture. We recommend a two minute trigger interval. A one minute selection may not allow a photo to transmit via SMS in low signal areas before the next PIR trigger. The photo is always saved on the SD card but may not have time to send via SMS to your phone or email.

• Time Lapse

 OFF: Camera triggers only during PIR event. (Recommend) 
 ON: Camera automatically triggers at selected intervals.

• Start - Stop

OFF: Camera triggers 24 hours per day. 
ON: Camera only triggers between the START and STOP times programmed.
Could be used to avoid high traffic from non-target species during 
specified times.


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