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Users should always test their camera at a new location prior to erecting a feeder or a trap enclosure. Move the selector switch from OFF to SETUP. The screen will display “Checking Network”. Allow approximately 20 to 30 seconds for the camera to acquire a cellular signal. If the camera does not automatically connect to the cellular network within 60 seconds, the standard antenna is not sufficient at this location and the camera will be unable to send texts and photos via MMS. Our five decibel booster antenna mounted to a 16 foot long telescoping antenna will be necessary for remote cellular operation in low signal areas.

Drive a 7 foot long T post into the ground approximately 12 inches to the right and rear of the camera post. Attach our booster antenna with mount to a 16 foot long telescoping pole using U-bolts or zip ties. Secure the antenna cable to the telescoping pole in multiple locations to eliminate cable noise from wind.

Remove the standard antenna. Carefully thread the booster antenna cable to the antenna port and tighten. Slide the rubber waterproof boot over the booster antenna cable connector.

If you have any questions, refer to the JAGER PRO™ M.I.N.E. & I.C.E. (3G) Camera Operations Video at the 17 minutes and 13 seconds mark, LOGIN FAIL CORRECTIVE ACTION for more information.


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