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The SMS Switch must be ON for the camera to receive text commands and was previously covered under the WIRELESS menu tab. The M.I.N.E™ Cam is able to receive text commands from up to four phone numbers to perform 22 different functions remotely. All four phone numbers have the ability to send and receive SMS commands to control the camera.

We store camera SIM card numbers into our cell phones by trap number. These are the most frequently used functions. The code to check Cellular Signal Strength is *150#. The response from the camera is “The signal is good.” A response of “The signal is weak” or “The signal is very weak” indicates a 5 decibel booster antenna on a telescoping pole is needed.

The code to check Battery Level is *201#. The response from the camera is “Battery level 5” indicating a full charge. The camera will stop functioning at “Battery level 1.”

The camera cannot text video; only photos. The code to change camera mode to photo is *200#0#. The response from the camera is “Set to photo mode”.

The code to close the M.I.N.E.™ Gate or Activate the RF Trigger is *777#. The response from the camera is “RF triggered”. This code is only a function of the M.I.N.E.™ Camera. The I.C.E.™ Camera does not utilize an internal transmitter.

After the M.I.N.E.™ Gate has been closed, the camera will continue sending photos from the increased motion at the trap enclosure. The code to turn the Send Mode Off is *140#2#. The response from the camera is “Send off”. Photos will continue to be triggered and saved to the SD card unless the PIR sensitivity is turned “OFF”.

Future photos will not be sent until the Send Mode is returned to instant. The code to change the Send Mode to Instant is *140#0#. The response from the camera is “Send instant photo”.

The command to add a new recipient phone number of 706-555-1212 is *100#7065551212#. The response from the camera is “Phone number added”. Refer to page 25 of this operations manual for all 22 available SMS codes.

If you have any questions, refer to the JAGER PRO™ M.I.N.E. & I.C.E. (3G) Camera Operations Video at the 13 minute and 47 second mark, SMS COMMAND CODES for more information.


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