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JAGER PRO offers several items for the M.I.N.E. Cam to increase the versatility and function of the camera. These items may be purchased online at

External 5 db Booster Antenna
This antenna is designed for areas where cellular coverage is weak and enables users to expand the usable range of the M.I.N.E. Cam.
• 5 db gain for remote areas
• 2.5 feet mast allows for higher vertical reach in terrain such as valleys and thick tree cover
•10.5 feet coaxial cable is designed for high quality signal transmission while providing flexibility to mount on a 16’ tall telescoping pole
T- Post Camera Mount
Allows the M.I.N.E. Cam to easily mount in remote locations and above trap panels using a T-Post.
• Aluminum and steel construction for strength and durability
• Ball head allows the camera to be quickly aimed with precision
T- Post Sun Shade
Protects the M.I.N.E. Cam from direct sunlight and rain. Reduces sun flares and over exposure of photos and videos due to less than perfect camera positioning.
• Heavy duty metal construction for durability.
• Attaches directly to the T-Post over the M.I.N.E. Cam using the included U-Bolt


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