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GSM Tab:

• Send Mode
Instant: (Recommended) The camera sends a photo immediately when it takes a photo. It will only send an SMS text message of the sequence number when a video is taken (Video: 3/99). The Max Num field indicates the maximum number of photos or texts allowed to be sent within 24 hours. The camera resets to zero each night at 0000 hours.
Daily Report: Sends an SMS to tell how many photos and videos were captured during the past 24 hours. In picture mode, the SMS tells the accumulated picture quantity together with the latest captured picture. In video mode, the SMS tells the accumulated video quantity only.
Off: GSM function is de-activated. Photos and videos will not be sent to a recipient but will be saved to the SD card.

• Send Via
MMS:(Recommended) Image sent by text message.
GPRS: Image sent by internet using a data plan.

• Send To:
Phone: (Recommended) A text photo will arrive to a cell phone much faster than an email can arrive to either a cell phone or computer provided the cell phone has good reception. A phone number must appear in Recipients.
Email: The image will be sent to email. An email address must appear in Recipients.
Both: The image will be sent to both a cell phone and an email address. A cell phone number and an email address must appear in Recipients.

• Recipients:
A maximum of 4 phone numbers and/or 4 email addresses may be added in the Recipients field.

• Location: Feature disabled.
• Download Tool: Refer to Initial SD Card Programming (on page 7 of the manual) for details.
• SMS Switch: The SMS Switch must be ON for the camera to receive text commands from four listed phone numbers.


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