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SYS Tab:

• Set Clock: Enter correct Date and Time.
• Time Stamp: Choose ON or OFF to select the date and time stamp on the picture.
• Flash Range: Choose between 6m/20ft or 12m/40ft. We recommend 12m/40ft to maximize infrared illumination.
• Password: The default password is 0000. Choose OFF to stop this function and ON to set a four digit password.
• Beep: Choose ON or OFF to select audio tones when pressing buttons. • Overwrite
OFF: (Recommended) Retains saved photos and videos on SD card when full.
ON: Camera deletes the oldest photos/videos from SD card when full and continues to save newer photos/videos.
• Format: Formats the SD card and deletes all photos/videos.
• Default Set: Restores camera back to factory settings.


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