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Southern Hog Control Wiki Guidelines

This wiki is currently closed to editing.

It is meant to provide information for products that we sell or install
As time progresses and there is enough interest in the users ability to edit and correct these pages it will be opened to registered users only.

Some simple guidelines that we ask you to adhere to when editing/creating is opened for this wiki:

  • Main wiki pages are to describe installation, function and use only.
  • The wiki is only for how-to documents. Do not add any pages that do not help anyone else; i.e. Self promotional pages, spam, etc.
  • All wiki changes are subject to moderator review/changes. When you make an edit, your changes are immediately posted for all to see. However, we have moderators that are always checking to ensure that the wiki stays clean and helpful.
  • The Playground is the place for practising with the wiki, making draft pages and experimenting.

Thanks and happy wiki editing!

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