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Align the threads of the T-post mounting
bracket to the camera mounting port.
Thread bracket no more than three
complete rotations our it may damage the
camera housing. Tighten securely using
the adjusting nut.
Mount the M.I.N.E.™ Cam to post #24
outside the enclosure according to the
page 14 diagram. Lower the square collar
at a diagonal over the post spine and
Lower the collar into position between
any two studs. Insert the mounting wedge
between the post spine and square collar.
Tighten the mounting wedge thumb screw
against the post spine to se-cure the
camera mount.
Align the camera by loosening the ball
head set screw and centering the view
on the ground beneath the feeder legs.
Tighten the ball head set screw to secure
the camera.


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