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 +  ​
 +Begin programming the M.I.N.E™ Camera for operation by removing the  ​
 +protective cap and installing the standard antenna onto the antenna jack.  ​
 +Ensure the black rubber O-ring is not removed from the antenna jack  ​
 +threads. Twist the antenna base snug but do not over tighten. \\  ​
 +Unlock the full length locking latch to access the main body. Follow the  ​
 +battery polarity symbols located on the front of the battery tray to properly  ​
 +install 12 each batteries. We only recommend Energizer brand AA Lithium  ​
 +batteries for the best performance in the field. Alkaline or rechargeable AA  ​
 +batteries will not operate high-tech equipment nearly as long. \\
 +The camera will function in emergency situations using only four AA Lithium  ​
 +batteries in the two left columns. We recommend our 6 volt external power  ​
 +supply for extended, long-term camera use in the field. AA Lithium batteries  ​
 +are still required for initial start-up until the camera housing is closed and the  ​
 +6 volt external power supply cable is inserted into the camera battery port. \\
 +Insert an activated SIM card into the SIM card port with the notch located in  ​
 +the top right-hand corner. A formatted SD card must be used for the camera  ​
 +to function. Move the selector switch from **OFF** to **SETUP**. The camera will immediately power **OFF** after the logo is displayed. \\
 +The camera supports up to a 32 GB SD card. Ensure the SD card is not  ​
 +locked and insert it into the SD card port. Move the selector switch from **OFF**  ​
 +to **SETUP**. The screen will display “Searching Network” at the bottom center  ​
 +of the screen. It usually takes 20 to 30 seconds for the camera to find the  ​
 +network. AT&T or T-Mobile will appear in the top center of the screen after  ​
 +connecting to the network and the signal strength symbol will appear in the  ​
 +top right.\\
 +{{ :​wiki:​camera:​3g:​quick-start.png?​nolink&​300 |}}
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