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 +===== MAIN MENU TABS ===== 
 +Press the **MENU** button to access the program display. The 
 +camera will shut down after 3 minutes sitting idle to conserve ​
 +battery power. Users must move the selector switch to **OFF** ​
 +then **SETUP** again to restart the camera and access **MENU**. \\
 +There are 4 main menu tabs; **CAM**, **PIR**, **GSM** and **SYS**. Press  ​
 +the {{:​wiki:​camera:​mine:​left-arrow.png?​nolink&​11|}} or {{:​wiki:​camera:​mine:​right-arrow.png?​nolink&​11|}} buttons to change tabs when highlighted white. \\
 +Press the ▲ or ▼ buttons to cycle through the tab settings. \\ 
 +Press {{:​wiki:​camera:​mine:​left-arrow.png?​nolink&​11|}} or {{:​wiki:​camera:​mine:​right-arrow.png?​nolink&​11|}} to select items with white highlights to view the 
 +choices. Press OK to save the new setting which will change ​
 +the highlight to red. Press ▲ or ▼ to view the next setting. ​
 +Cycle to the top ▲ of the tab (no white highlights) before able 
 +to cycle {{:​wiki:​camera:​mine:​left-arrow.png?​nolink&​11|}} or {{:​wiki:​camera:​mine:​right-arrow.png?​nolink&​11|}} to view or change another tab.
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