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 +===== GLOSSARY =====
 +**CDMA**- Code Division Multiple Access is a competing cell  ​
 +phone service technology to GSM, which is the world’s most 
 +widely used cell phone standard. Sprint, Verizon, and Virgin ​
 +Mobile use CDMA.\\
 +**GPRS**- General Packet Radio Service was early technology  ​
 +to enable data communication on GSM networks. It has since 
 +been replaced by better data technologies such as EDGE and 
 +3G. It is based on GSM and compliments SMS.\\ ​
 +**GSM**- Global System for Mobile communications. Cell phones  ​
 +use a cellular provider’s GSM network by searching for cellular ​
 +phone towers in the nearby area. GSM has more complete ​
 +global coverage due to roaming and international roaming ​
 +contracts. AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM.\\ ​
 +**MMS**- Multimedia Messaging Service. Takes SMS text  ​
 +messaging a step further by allowing for longer lengths beyond ​
 +the traditional 160-character SMS limit.\\
 +**PIR**- Passive Infrared. A PIR sensor does NOT detect or  ​
 +measure “heat”. It detects the infrared radiation emitted from 
 +an object to detect motion. It triggers the camera to take a 
 +photo or video when an object passes in front of the sensor.\\
 +**SIM**- Subscriber Identity Module. A small card used in GSM  ​
 +devices to identify your account to the cellular carrier. Users 
 +may change SIM cards between cameras and the phone 
 +number and data plans transfer with it.\\ 
 +**SMS**- Short Message Service. SMS is also often referred to  ​
 +as texting, sending text messages or text messaging. The 
 +service allows for short messages to be sent from one cellular ​
 +device to another cellular device or from the Internet to a 
 +cellular device.\\ ​
 +**SMTP**- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an internet standard  ​
 +for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission across Internet ​
 +Protocol (IP) networks. SMTP was first defined by RFC 821 
 +(1982, eventually declared STD 10) and last updated by RFC 
 +5321 (2008) which includes the Extended SMTP (ESMTP) ​
 +additions and is the protocol in widespread use today.\\
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