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 +Upon initial purchase, record the SIM card phone number and 
 +expiration date to simplify the process. Users may update the 
 +account monthly or pay as many months in advance as you 
 +wish to remain active. Replenishing the AT&T SIM card can be 
 +accomplished in three ways:\\
 +1. Visit the local AT&T corporate store in person.\\
 +2. Visit a local AT&T Express Service Kiosk.
 +    a. Select- My Payment Options- Prepaid Accounts.
 +    b. Enter wireless number then verify wireless number.
 +    c. Select- Refill my prepaid account.
 +    d. Select the amount to add to your Prepaid Account.
 +3. Pay by credit card over the phone at 1-800-331-0500. ​
 +    a. Press 1 for other.
 +    b. Press 0 to speak with a customer service representative. ​
 +Users must speak to a customer service rep as the SIM card 
 +does not have a pin number to use the automated system.
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