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AT&T SIM cards must be purchased in person from an AT&T corporate store; not an AT&T authorized retailer. Type “AT&T corporate store” into a search engine (i.e. Google or Bing) and enter your zip code to find the nearest location. Users cannot request unlimited messaging packages online. Please take this manual to your local AT&T corporate store to help the rep.

Messaging Packages: Text and photos can be sent instantly using a M.I.N.E™ Cam. This AT&T SIM card is available with the 10¢ per minute plan.

200 messages for $4.99/month
1000 messages for $9.99/month
Unlimited for $19.99/month

Ensure the AT&T representative adds “Automatic Renewal” to this Pay As You Go SIM card. Packages are good for 30 days as long as your account balance has not expired. The amount of the monthly package will be taken out of the existing account balance every 30 days with “Automatic Renewal”.


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