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 directions in your Quick Start Guide. \\ directions in your Quick Start Guide. \\
-If you have any questions, refer to the JAGER PRO™ M.I.N.E. & I.C.E. (3G)   +<​HTML>​ 
-Camera Operations Video at 20:08 CAMERA DEPLOYMENT for more  ​+<p> 
 +If you have any questions, refer to the <a href="​https://​​watch?​v=dmOLjvWgUjE"​ target="​_blank"​ class="​urlextern"​ title="​JAGER PRO™ M.I.N.E. & I.C.E. (3G) Camera Operations Video">​JAGER PRO™ M.I.N.E. & I.C.E. ​  
 +(3G) Camera Operations Video</​a> ​at the 20 minutes and 08 seconds mark, CAMERA DEPLOYMENT for more  ​
 information. information.
 ---- ----
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