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Method Deploy Surveil Capture

Every sounder will consist of various age groups, juvenile to adult ratios, population sizes and education levels. The key to efficient trapping is to incorporate a process where the individual sounder dictates the time period between steps. This information is based on photo and video observations from the bait site.

The three important steps to the Capture Success Matrix
1. Condition pigs to trust the bait site as a daily food source.
2. Condition pigs to trust the corral enclosure as a daily food source.
3. Utilize the trigger device for 100% capture of the entire sounder.

Capture Success Matrix Efficiency

Capture Success Matrix Efficiency

Some viewers falsely believe feral pigs must be pre-baited for a minimum of 21 days to successfully capture them. While this action is required when using portable box traps and corral traps with narrow three foot wide thresholds, the 21 day baiting process is an unnecessary waste of fuel, time and labor when employing a M.I.N.E. Trapping System.

This segment will demonstrate how to properly execute our Capture Success Matrix to remove an entire sounder in a matter of days while expending less than four hours of total labor. The MINE Trapping System using our Capture Success Matrix and Integrated Wild Pig Control strategies prove to be a more efficient control method saving fuel, time and labor over traditional processes requiring a 21-day pre-bait routine.

Capture from 900 Miles

Capture from 900 Miles

This video will demonstrate the capture of 13 feral hogs from 900 miles away using our patent pending Cellular Control Box. We will discuss each step of our Capture Success Matrix in detail to reinforce the ability to perform 100% capture results. The offsite trigger will operate our M.I.N.E. Trapping System anywhere cellular service is present. This wireless remote control connects to the GSM cell phone network using its own SIM card and is activated by calling the SIM card phone number. It only recognizes authorized telephone numbers calling it which have been pre-programmed with a password protected text message. The control box rejects the call without answering and immediately drops the M.I.N.E. gate. Our Cellular Control Box and M.I.N.E. Gate can be used to capture entire sounders from the comfort of your home or office.

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SOUTHERN HOG CONTROL, LLC was established in October 2009 to help reduce the feral hog damage on agriculture and private property.

Our primary mission is to service private, state and federal hog removal contracts by employing the JAGER M.I.N.E.™ (Manually Initiated Nuisance Elimination) Feral Hog Trap System. This high volume pest control technique was developed during three years of research as the most efficient method to capture entire sounder groups during winter months at baited hog trap enclosures.

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