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AR-10 semi-automatic rifle

AR-10 - semi-automatic rifle

Each hunter will be issued a AR-10 semi-automatic rifle in .308 caliber topped with a military grade thermal scope.
These hog hunting scopes are the same our Soldiers are using in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. The long range thermal spotting scopes can locate our big nocturnal quarry up to 1 mile away. We can even use these devices to detect wild boars at night solely from their body temperature.
Hunters silently maneuver into the wind delivering .308 caliber sniper rounds to these big brutes.

There is NO LIMIT on the number of hogs harvested per night! .

Interested in purchasing the best
in thermal, night vision and hog control equipment?

Armasight Zeus 640 3-24x75 mm (30Hz)

Armasight Zeus 640 3-24x75 mm (30Hz)

This unit has a 640x512 Focal Plane Array and a 17 Micron pixel size giving this scope a very high resolution in a 30 Hz FLIR Tau 2 VOx detector. The Zeus 3 is the lightest and smallest in their class. The Zeus 3 comes with a wireless remote switch to activate the thermal imaging weapon sight when positioned in the "standby" mode.

Pulsar APEX XQ50 2.8-11.2x42

Pulsar APEX XQ50 2.8-11.2x42

The Pulsar APEX XQ50 Thermal Riflescope provides vivid thermal imaging from a 384x288 core, 17 micron pitch and crisp 640x480 AMOLED display. The XQ50 offers a 2.8x base magnification with 2x/3x/4x digital zoom and smooth digital zoom up to 8x. Featuring 3 zeroing distances, 10 reticles and 3 different operation modes, the APEX XQ50 can detect heat signatures from up to 1700m away. Two CR123 batteries allow APEX's a battery life of 4-5 hours, giving the operator plenty of time to get through a hunt.

TRIJICON REAP-IR 2.5x (35mm)

TRIJICON REAP-IR 2.5x (35mm)

The REAP-IR 2.5x has the features and performance of the IR HUNTER Mark III and the size and weight factor of the IR PATROL. The REAP-IR truly is the best of both systems incorporating a 12 degree field-of-view lens with the new stadiametric range finder. Having 2.5x magnification combined with the 640x480 resolution 12um micron LWIR thermal core in the small tactical package makes the REAP-IR ideal for Law Enforcement, Special Operations, Tactical Teams and border security.

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Tactical Boar Hunting • Feral Hog Traps, Trapping and Metodology

SOUTHERN HOG CONTROL, LLC was established in October 2009 to help reduce the feral hog damage on agriculture and private property.

Our primary mission is to service private, state and federal hog removal contracts by employing the JAGER M.I.N.E.™ (Manually Initiated Nuisance Elimination) Feral Hog Trap System. This high volume pest control technique was developed during three years of research as the most efficient method to capture entire sounder groups during winter months at baited hog trap enclosures.

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