Southern Hog Control, LLC

The section of our web site provides you with information and insight others have encountered while trying to deal with Hog Control. After viewing our ARTICLES, LINKS and BLOG you may want to review information concerning:

1. The JAGER M.I.N.E.™ Hog Trap which allows users to gather intelligence and remotely capture an entire sounder group without leaving the comfort of your home.

2. Thermal tools that allow hunters and hog control professionals to acquire, identify and engage feral hogs in total darkness.

3. OR join us for your own hog hunting adventure.

Hogs have become a major problem in the Southeastern United States. Feral hogs reproduce at an alarming rate which results in a nuisance and to some a costly harbinger of destruction to their crops. A nuisance requires immediate action, but of course it’s never easy. Hogs are mainly nocturnal and dig around in the brush, making a good shot potentially difficult. On top of that, after one shot from a rifle, it spooks the animals and they scatter. It can become a grueling task to take care of the problem. The logical conclusion is that you need to gain the upper hand. That’s where Southern Hog Control can provide you the necessary equipment and knowledge that you require.

If you require additional assistance you may contact us via our on-line form, submit a hog removal request or call us directly at 706-570-5753.