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Thermal Optics Hogs and Coyotes

Thermal Optics Used to Control Hogs and Coyotes
by Chris Monhof
Published: Southern Outdoors Magazine: December 2014

A few nights ago, I pulled into a freshly harvested peanut field about 8:45 to conduct a hog control mission for a local farmer. The field is in close proximity to a cow pasture that has had coyote problems in the past. Continue reading

Hog Hunting at Night: Thermal Shooting with Jager Pro

By Will Brantley
writes Brow Tines and Backstrap
June 9, 2014

We’re slipping across a sprawling Georgia peanut field, four of us, walking single file. Jager Pro’s Chris Monhof is up front, watching the pigs through a thermal vision monocular. His partner Clint Housel is in the rear, ensuring the outdoor writers in the middle don’t step out of line and screw up the whole thing. I have to take Monhof at his word that the pigs are there, since I can’t see squat. It’s a moonless night in late February, and a special kind of dark.
Continue reading