Winning the Battle with Hogs

by Chris Monhof
Published Sep 29, 2014

It had been six months since Mr. Cozart had seen a hog on his property. While preparing for deer season three weeks ago, he noticed a sounder of 18 hogs feeding at his automatic feeder.

He put out his Stealth camera’s to start collecting video intelligence on the hogs and the JAGER M.I.N.E. camera to take pictures of the nocturnal pest. The pictures from the M.I.N.E. camera are sent via text message to his phone to give him real time updates at the trap site. He concluded that the hogs where visiting his bait site about every three days.

hog-trap_southern-hog-control_blogThis morning Mr. Cozart was alerted with a text message from the M.I.N.E. camera that the hogs where back. He continued to monitor the text messages until he had all 18 hogs in the picture. He then sent the text message command to close the gate.  100% capture reported 18 of 18. The JAGER M.I.N.E. hog trap worked perfectly.

When you condition the hogs to use an automatic feeder. You have 80% of the battle won. You then have to have the patience to condition the hogs to trust the hog trap enclosure. Your efforts will result in the 100% capture of the nuisance pest.

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